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Chateau La Nerthe
Les Cassagnes
Cotes du Rhone Village

$21.99 750ml
Regularly $24.99
Friday Tastings 
from 4 -7PM

The wine is a blend of organic 50% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 8% Mourvèdre, 2% other indigenous varieties. In the glass this vintage is a bright and deep ruby color with purple hints. On the nose there are lots of ripe (but not overripe) fruity notes with little black and red berries. On the palate we discover an elegant suppleness with fresh plum and wild herbs aromas. Tannins are polished, making the wine round and approachable. It is a very balanced vintage, combining rich flavor with freshness and delicacy. 

Union XL II 90
Brand New Uni
on Brew!
While the days of sending blank tapes and postage in the mail to kind strangers promising high quality concert recordings, often with hand written and uniquely doodled J-cards, are a thing of the past, we remain nostalgic for those slower paced, tactile, analog times. Back in those days, the XLII90 was THE tape traders choice.

In our 2017 tour closer DIPA, we pay tribute to this bygone piece of analog technology by filling it with a second set of hopped-up experimental jams. 
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Featured Distillery of the month -

Fist Full of Bourbon

$34.99 1.75L

Regularly $44.99


They wanted to make a bourbon that was smooth as all hell but with tasty complexity. As a whisky-making family going back over 100 years, they knew the only way to achieve that was by blending. So, they sent their young whippersnapper superstar, Kelsey McKechnie to the States on a quest for the perfect blend. The result is a smooth-as-hell bourbon well-worth sipping neat or in mixed drinks.


Make sure to order some sandwiches or pasta salads from our deli. Make a selection from our regular menu or build your own, everything is as fresh as can be. Our specials change daily so be sure to check back often, your new favorite sandwich could be right around the corner!

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