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Matilda Nieves
Regularly $19.99

Anyone who has ever seen photographs of the steep slopes of Ribeira Sacra will wonder how it is possible to produce a wine like this in our Value category -- but here it is, dark, fresh and thrillingly aromatic from first sniff to last swallow. This limpid, unoaked wine is made from the Mencia grape variety (known as Jaen in Portugal) plus a little Garnacha and Souson, and the emphasis is on its sloe, bramble and damson fruits in all their primary glory, almost as if it had been run from the vats just a week or two earlier. The palate is soft-textured, mouth-filling, exuberant and comely, structured more prominently by acidity than tannin, though that acidity is sweet and juicy in its own right. There is nothing at all sharp or hard about this tender, almost lip-smacking red … yet the variety itself, and the legacy of its austere, granite-soiled origins, somehow contrive to stop the wine tasting simple.

97 points Decanter

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Southern Tier

$15.99 - 4 pack
All Hallow’s Eve is a time of the year when spirits can make contact with the physical world, and when magic is most potent. It is thought that we harness this magic to brew our powerful pumpkin ale. Not so, but it is with great respect to the magic of their trade that our brewers produce this fine beer. Take a whiff of this complex ale and your journey has just begun. At first sip, a magical spell will bewitch your taste buds, yet another victim enraptured by the Pumking.


"Hunter and Scott" Bourbon

$31.99 750ml

Regularly $35.99

Reservoir® Distillery is a Double Gold award-winning craft distillery located in Richmond, Virginia. They perform every step in the distilling process in-house, from creating the mash bill to bottling the final product, using all local Virginia ingredients to create premium whiskeys. Reservoir’s Hunter & Scott Bourbon is for the everyday sipper or cocktail mixer, for a neat pour at the bar or a rocks glass on the porch. Considered the younger brother of Reservoir’s premium whiskies, Hunter & Scott
finds the same attention to detail where true personal touch is required to make exceptional whiskey. Provenance is paramount to them. Their grains are all Virginia grown and come from farms within 45 miles of their distillery. They’ve even begun to acquire their own white oak which is crafted into barrels by a local mill and cooperage. Those casks are returned to them with their signature alligator-char. The char inside their barrel imparts deep color and unparalleled flavors into their whiskies. Age does not equal maturity when it comes to whiskey. A balanced, nuanced whiskey is achieved over time as barrels oxidize. With their small barrel program, the quality of the distillate is supremely important when determining time with the wood. Every stage of production shows their dedication to time — from their open top fermentation process, which can take up to 11 days to utilize every flavor their yeast can provide, to their slow pot still double distillation, where depending upon barrel size, their distillate is narrow and precise. Whether the spirit enters their large or small barrel program, each cask is monitored for progress. There is no set time for their maturation process. Every barrel is hand-tested to ensure it is fully developed and time to be bottled. Their techniques are not revolutionary, but their opinion on readiness is.


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